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Metal Detector Leaving Holes!

I just by the Bingham Miltary school Mebane, NC which is near my house with my GF to walk around, we started out just for a walk and decided to go over there, someone recently from Metal Detecting left holes everywhere! I filled most of them in, and this place is already a big mess, but its not right and this person needs to be brought under some stick decipline!!!


admin · 412 days ago
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  •  WILDFOX: 
    Bill. Thats really sad to hear. With many years of metal detecting that is like RULE # 1 "Always fill your holes back in ", I have come across this a time or two in the field and have had to stomp there divit back into the earth, But not after rechecking the hole and 7/10 times i have found more in the hole, Probably somebody new to metal detecting thinking they have found the "Glory hole". I agree with you on the discipline, But that is what this club is all about "to set an example to people everywhere that we "group" always follow the rules of conduct and leave a place in better shape than we found it.
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