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I live in NC and was looking at places to go and prospect for gold or rock hound for gems. I was looking at the National Forest in NC that include Croatan, Nantahala, Pisgah, Uwharrie, per this map and this site which has some great info, I found this i
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I have been to the beach several times and I'm yet to find any type of Jewelry, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance, GDT.
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Metal Detecting Burry Holes Ground Hog Came Back & Dug Them UP! I was up at my mom’s in Michigan last week, went out and dug about 10 small holes while metal detecting and I ALWAYS burry my holes. The next day I glanced out and seen my holes where unc
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I just by the Bingham Miltary school Mebane, NC which is near my house with my GF to walk around, we started out just for a walk and decided to go over there, someone recently from Metal Detecting left holes everywhere! I filled most of them in, and this p
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I recently found a bunch of old bottles as member might know per my pictures I have posted, I have soak them in hot soapy water with some Clorox but I can’t get all the stains out, especially inside, one have some tips for me? Thanks Bill
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Since I have been out detecting I know I'm doing some good, I have clean up so much trash in the ground and recently came across a HUGE bottle dump as some members might know. I want to post a blog about this and see if anyone knows of a good resource per
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Property Owner,   I came across a piece of property that you have for sale. Are you interested in the history of your land & more exposure for selling it at the same time? Finding out what lies beneath our feet can tell us more about the rich tapest
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