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Very very soon, all is well the the NEW APP & Website should be done, its really rolling along and final testing is here! GDT
admin · 342 days ago

The new programmers have finished some of the major issues to the front end of the new website and are now working on some visual aspects including the Club feature.  If you like, you can test it out yourself and see at App.GeoDetecting.com. Sign up and t
admin · 364 days ago

Marketing Statistics Geocaching vs Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting. I was REALLY surprised to see that Geocaching has such a huge gap of interest! From Google Trends, but if you change to YouTube search from Web Search is opposite! http://www.goo
admin · 369 days ago

Hello faithful Geo Detecting Treasure (GDT for short) members, fans, and more! We have finally found a proficient and capable group of developers to finish this daunting task, and its well on its way. We are hoping to have something live in a very shor
admin · 384 days ago

Well out with the old in with the new! I had to fire my current and old programmer, to many bad things to talk about one I'm sure your familiar  with, the APP & new website was taking toooo long! So, new programmer for the APK is in and going to choos
admin · 488 days ago

  We are currently making updates & adding additional Treasures to our site here, http://geodetecting.com/places/browse/latest.   This part of our site that WILL be replace with the new Website as we have informed out listeners in the recent pa
admin · 669 days ago

We have completed the APP to go live on the Android and the new website is near completion! We have also meet with our lawyers last week who are working hard to make sure all our legal issues are covered! Thanks for all who have been following and waitin
admin · 673 days ago

Went to this place on a short drive to hide some Geo Detecting Treasures, ended up having a great time!!! I will add more pictures and the Treasure later next week.
admin · 801 days ago

Check out our new Social Sign Up! If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google and more, you can now sign up to Geo Detecing in a matter of no time!   Admin
admin · 815 days ago

Added News Letter for latest updates and news, please sign up. We also will keep you posted to the release of Geo Detecting Android & iTunes APP along with the new Website.   Sincerely,   Admin
admin · 815 days ago
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