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Welcome to the site!   GDT
52 Days Ago
Hi everyone...I'm from SW Michigan and have been detecting here for the past few years. Usually by myself and sometimes with
55 Days Ago
Thanks for joining!
55 Days Ago
New to the site...looks like a lot of fun!!!
55 Days Ago
Does the photo of the clear crystal quartz look like a indian artifact? It fits perfectly in hand and the shape is unusual an
62 Days Ago
Here are some brief instructions on how to acquire FREE prizes by earning points on GDT, AKA Geo Detecting Treasure, GeoDetec
63 Days Ago
I'm thinking about going down to hunt this area. I see on other forums that there has been Metal Detecting there and don't se
73 Days Ago
I found this and just had top post, thanks!   CHRIS GHO
254 Days Ago
John, always good to hear from you, your treasure finds are the best! This is a great find and hunt, and shows that caches ar
284 Days Ago Lately
284 Days Ago
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