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Some easy ways to make a Geo Detecting Treasure.

* Garden shovel with length marked to bury your require depth.
* Ebay sells great and cheap precious metals billions as show, do some searching to come up with a unique Cache.
*Just add some old change, most hold around $1,00, add other items that will fit.
* Any type container that will hold coins or metal will work. Metal is better but get what you can.

You don't need a log because we are paperless and use the app or website, you should add something like a note stating "For More Fun See" or contact us to get a free cards.

More to come... :)


GDT Cache Examples:


treasure chest found prize cache

GDT Prize Caches are hidden by Admin only… Contact us today to become a GDT Admin & contribute in hiding something today. See more info on this site about "Prize" GDT Caches & how you can receive FREE GDT Rounds for Volunteering.



treasure chest ideas hide caches



Geo Detecting Treasure Prize Cache



Geo Detecting Treasure standard Cache


Geo Detecting Cache


Geo Detecting Treasure Chest Coins


find cache geocache treasure


Here are some Geo Detecting Treasure® Turotial Videos To Help You Out...:):


GDT Tutorial #1:




GDT Tutorial #2:




GDT Tutorial #3:



This is some starter ideas, use your imgination for the best GDT Cache possible... :)


Some start Metal Detector ideas which you can find from $15 to $100 for starter machines and more advance from $200+:


  • National Geographic Kids Metal Detector around $25

    kids metal detector geo


  • The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector around $30

    kids metal detector


  • Fisher F2 Metal Detector around $150+

    kids metal detector fisher


  • Whites Prizm II Metal Detector $150+

    kids metal detector whites


  • Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector around $150+

    kids metal detector garrett ace 150


Check Craiglist, Ebay, Amazon for some good hardly used machines, I found them for 1/2 this price only used a couple times.


geo detecting treasure starter kit


The Geo Detecting Treasure® App GPS is perfect for this next step, or can buy a new/used unit, because this next step is very important to finding and hiding your GDT Cache.


Use this Coordinate System,

DEG.DDDDD & Verify from this site,
For example,

GPS Coordinate Conversion

For example, see the image above for proper use of coordinates, when you see the combined coordinates on the map place image this will be what
you will need in creating coordinates, don't use Google Maps etc, they are not accurate, trust your GPS!

Please use some of these rules/categories while hiding your Geo Detecting Treasure, we also have Tutorial Videos... see some of the existing listing for example:




· * Easy - nice easy walk or Flat Park.

· * Medium - some hills maybe wooded.

· * Hard - advance hiking, thick wooded or brush.




· * Easy - Surface to 2", you can hide a surface Cache which site on top of the ground, which you can also give you instructions to buried cache no more than 2" deep.

· * Medium – 2" to 4" deep.

· * Hard – Anything over 4" deep.

Within 20 feet of original GPS Coordinates.




· * Small - under a dime size coin.

· * Medium - around a quarter size coin.

· * Large - small chest or dollar size coins.


Verbal or Written Approval:


* Permission was verbal or a written to hide/hunt.




If you have any questions please email me @


Have Fun!