About Us

Geo Detecting Treasure® is a website that allows members to use a combination of Geocaching, GPS, Metal Detecting, History Data Collecting, and Scavenger Hunting to find caches!

My name is William Kawa and I started down this adventure in creating this website and APP in around 2011. I have put my heart and soul into this in the hopes that people who love the outdoors, adventure, exploring, puzzles, and a have strong patience, love to hide and find unique and rare items such as caches of good value would enjoy it.

I have a passion for both - Metal Detecting, Scavenger Hunting, and Geocaching? So one day I was out doing this and it came to me... 'why not have something that could do for all'... so I sat down and started to map out all the details and that’s when Geo Detecting Treasure was born.

Please enjoy all our site has to offer and if you could hide a cache to share with other GDT (Geo Detecting Treasure) members, the cache gods will reward you.

Thanks again!