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* Easy - Surface to 2", you can hide a surface Catch that is stands on top of the ground, which you can also give more instructions to buried caches no more than 2" deep.

* Medium - 2" to 4" deep.

* Hard - Anything over 4" deep.

Within 25ft/8m for Standard Caches, 50ft/15m for all other Caches from the original GPS Coordinates.


* Easy - nice easy walk or flat park.

* Medium - some hills maybe wooded.

* Hard - advance hiking, thick wooded or brush.


* Small - under a dime size coin.

* Medium - around a quarter, half dollar around 40mm dia, this is also common for our Standard Cache pill containers.

* Large - small chest or dollar size coins.

Verbal or Written Approval:

* Permission was verbal or a written to hide/hunt.

This is VERY important, you need to look for signs that prohibit any type of trespassing. For parks you should call the towns recreation community center and get permission, most times you can google this and find their phone number. If you get a written approval post this info, most of the time they don't like you posting the persons name, just post a brief about the written approval, if you have a verbal, give the info you attend like a website or phone number if they are OK with this. It only takes a few minutes to acquire this info, don't forget to tell them you follow STRICT codes of conduct and will NOT destroy anything, putting back the area the way you found it!

Also!!! USE CODES OF CONDUCT while finding Caches... leave the area the same way you found it, and replace with something of equal value.

Let us know if you found it, what it was and when you replaced it. If you can't replace it with something of equal value than please replace the same object but in another location with in 20 feet of the original coordinates, don't post what you found but let us know if you found it please!

We spent allot of time for your enjoyment, don't ruin it for everyone else, don't do onto others that you would not want done to you...:')!

Leave the place the same way you found it please!!! I can't stress this enough, or YOU... NOT GEO DETECTING TREASURE, will be responsible for any damage!

I believe in Karma, especially when it comes to Geo Detecting Treasure. It's a very spiritual experience for me... so... what you take and don't replace... you will lose in some way or another! Just like all Cache hunters from the past, they were all cursed...:')!

Geo Detecting Treasure Main Rules:

When you hide or find Caches you need to follow strict guidelines. Some of these guidelines are stricter when you bury a Cache.

When it comes to entering on any property, make sure there is approval by the owner. You can be sure that most all properties are owned by someone. So you can be sure that you need approval! Don't assume when you don't see a "No Trespassing" or "Do Not Enter" sign someone doesn't own that property. Always get permission whether written or verbal approval and document this info.

** For written approvals, you MUST show this to Geo Detecting Treasure administrators before any hidden Cache is approved.

** For verbal approvals you MUST give the contact info and display this on Geo Detecting Treasure description Cache. Members should verify this approval by using this info you provided.

Some State Parks don't need permission for you to enter on their property, but there are exceptions you should be aware of. While you are searching the game's Caches info page, you will see "Approval" indicating if "Verbal" or "Written". We will not approve the Cache unless the owner has submitted and obtain a written or given us verbal approval. We advise you reconfirm this info, especially the verbal approval over time, policies change yearly. Geo Detecting Treasure doesn't have the resources to do updates. GEO Detecting Treasure suggests checking with us, or the member who added the Cache if the approval is still active.

Here are some rules of ethics when entering any property, again we can't stress this enough!

Code of Ethics:

  • Do unto others as you would do unto yourself, again like Karma.
  • Leave a place better than when you got there.
  • Leave no holes, it only takes a few seconds to replace what you dug, just bury it!
  • If you asked to leave for whatever reason, apologize, leave and log what happened. If it's about permission issues inform the owner of the Cache let us @ Geo Detecting Treasure know about it. If it's something someone else abused, try to get as much info as possible with respect for who's giving the info so we can clear this up. Most of the time it could be at current events taking place that stops you from Geo Detecting Treasure. Just come back when there are no Pirates (Pirates are people who don't want you around and will destroy the Cache even the game in whole).
  • Avoid confrontation at all cost!
  • Abide by all state and local laws.
  • If you find additional Caches (this happens often), and it's of historical worth, you should report this to any historical society or the property owner. Once the thrill of finding something passes, you only keep it on a shelve hording and collecting dust, so why not give it to a place that more people can enjoy and be honest to the property owners.
  • Report all live ammunition or lethal objects to the authorities ASAP!
  • If you do run into interested parties/people who want to know more about what you are doing, be nice and explain it to them you might make new friends.
  • Try to clean up any trash you might find, think about how you are helping the environment, if one person can do just a little to help just think about a whole army of people will change this great earth!

We have additional rules and examples of who to play GEO Detecting Treasure® on our sites forum, media resources, or this site.

If you have any questions please email me @

Have Fun!